Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ISIS attacks, combined with Russia-Turkey incident, creates the most tense environment since the Cold War

Time Magazine offers an alarmist print issue for Nov. 30, 2015, with a gray cover and a title “World War ISIS”, edited and largely written  by Donald Von Drehle.  There is an article on p. 60, “ISIS Will Strike America”, by Michael Morell, as part of a Forum, “What comes next, and how do we handle it?”  Most of the angry videos threatening America and other countries are very transparent (using old backgrounds, for example), whatever the hi-tech behind producing them.  Major media outlets should use great discretion in showing them. I remember that in October 2001, on a Sunday afternoon, after President George W. Bush announced military action in Afghanistan, the networks broadcast an “address” to the American people from Osama bin Laden.  This was unnecessary.  The threats do have a personal tone, and if it happens to “you”, then it is indeed personal.

I can understand the emotion behind the rhetoric of Trump and Carson, but it’s dangerous.

David Ignatius has an important column today Wednesday November 25, 2015, in the Washington Post, p. A15, “Trump’s Irresponsibility”, titled more bluntly online, “Donald Trump undermines our fight against the Islamic state” (it doesn’t deserve capitalization), here.

Today, Brussels re-opened its Metro and schools, probably having ruined some businesses for good.  The shutdown of this magnitude had not happened since World War II.  CNN has an editorial on the shutdown by Juliette Kayyem here.

Newsy mass emailed a link to a video explaining how low-winded the process of refugee settlement really is.

Given the volume of people, what makes the most sense to me is carving out as much safe space as possible in the Middle East itself, expecting more of other rich middle Eastern countries.  But that would mean putting troops on the ground, including US.  It could even revive talk of a draft, like we had after 9/11, and likely recalling the debate over Vietnam.  It certainly would make us wonder why we, in this era of western gender equality, have male-only Selective Service registration.
President Obama will address the nation on national security at 11:40 AM EST today, Wednesday.

Update: Thanksgiving Day:

Matthew Yglesias of Vox does an analysis of Marco Rubio's moderately hawkish plan for dealing woth ISIS, here

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