Thursday, November 12, 2015

India, China can lose out on climate change pressures; Russia and China both fight future population loss

The New York Times has reported concerns that both India and China seem likely to increase carbon dioxide emissions as they seek to provide electricity and raise the standard of living to more of their large rural areas.  For example, Edward Wong writes about coal-fired plants here.

All of this runs counter to what is in the latest National Geographic Magazine issue, “Cool It”, which I will review soon in my Books blog.

And in the latest Time Magazine, Latanya Mapp Frett writes “The end of China’s one-child policy isn’t enough”, here. The one-child policy did help China raise its standard of living for many people.  But once women become more economically independent, she writes, they tend to want to have fewer children, in any country, even authoritarian ones.  This is relevant to Russia, where Vladimir Putin seems to blame gay men and lesbians for low birth rates.

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