Wednesday, October 7, 2015

AP reports FBI sting intercepted Russian criminal plot to sell nuclear waste to possible terrorists

The AP reports that the FBI has broken up several attempts in eastern Europe (Moldova) by Russian criminals to acquire and then sell radioactive materials, possibly to ISIS or other Islamic extremists, possibly to make “dirty bombs” in western cities.  The material seemed to be cesium, enough to contaminate several city blocks.

The Huffington Post maintains that the Russian smugglers tried to sell directly to ISIS, but the FBI plays down identifying any particular Muslim group, here

AP’s own Bigstory link for the reporting of Desmond Butler  and Vadim Ghirda is here

ABC is also reporting that Russia stopped cooperating with the US on rounding up loose nuclear materials around Jan 1 because of tensions over Ukraine.

I'll give a link to the most recent report I find at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (Sam Nunn), on civilian HEU overseas, here. The  NTI will surely have more to say about this story soon. 

The main damage to an area would be economic.  Homeowner’s insurance would not cover radiation damage to the value of the property, putting the indemnification risk back on the government and politicians in Congress or any affected country’s legislature.

In 2002, the Bush administration arrested one suspect, Jose Padilla, and held him in a Navy brig (Time account ).

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