Thursday, September 3, 2015

Migrants on tracks, and strikes disrupt travelers on Eurostar through Chunnel, as well as other traffic

Migrants have gotten onto tracks of the Eurostar trains near the Chunnel (English Channel Tunnel) at Calaism France and created great disruptions for “well-off” passengers, according to news reports like this in the BBC, here.

But strikes by port workers had created similar disruptions in June, according to Standard News here and the Seattle Times here.  Migrants had tried to stowaway on vehicles, especially commercial trucks, caught in the jams.

One of the devices of the extreme “Left” is to make “middle class” or “upper class” people walk in the shoes of the less fortunate, even by force if necessary.  But the migrant behavior sounds like pure desperation.
The Chunnel appears in the 1997 "Mission: Impossible" film.

Later today, radio reports talked about the problem that Canada had denied some people asylum despite having relatives in Canada who would take them in.  It's possible that churches could become very proactive with this issue, pushing the idea of personal sponsorship, which is much riskier for people one doesn't know.  Politicians don't like to talk about this. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Eurostar photo by Xtrememachineuk, under Creative Commons 2.5 Generic License

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