Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Germany finding housing the refugees overwhelming; Obama, Putin stalemate over Syria

Various states in Germany have lowered their standards for housing refugees, according to this story in the UK Globe and Mail, link here.

So far, refugees are being housed in barracks in remote locations, not affecting ordinary German citizens.  But as the crisis continues, the “spare bedroom” idea is bound to come up, it seems.
In some areas, there are attempts to separate Christian and Muslim refugees.

Note the terms "migrant" and "refugee" are different'; the former term includes more people. 
In the meantime, President Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin still agree to disagree on what to do about Syria.  The short term practical reality is that Russian presence could stabilize some areas.  The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

Update: Sept 30

Donald Trump said today that if he wins the 2016 election, he'll send the Syrian refugees home, and his own choir audience cheered. Here's the Reuters story.  But earlier he had said the US should take in some Syrian refugees. 

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