Monday, August 31, 2015

Fareed Zakaria speaks up on world population demographics (again)

Sunday, Fareed Zakaria reported extensively (Aug. 30 GPS) on concerns by many governments that families, especially non-immigrant, are not having enough children.  This may be a repeat of a broadcast from June (14).  

Denmark is sponsoring trips abroad for heterosexual married couples, because (straight) couples tend to have more relations and children when away from home. 

Other European countries are well known for their paid maternity and often paternity leave.
South Korea is trying to make weddings less expensive.  And Japan is seen as the epicenter of the population bust.

Singapore (see TV blog for today for related story about forced integration of ethnic groups) has tried to implement strong pro-natalist policies but still has a population dearth.

Russia had a day in June for couples to bear "patriots". 

The US is keeping up its population because if immigration, as lower income minorities tend to have more children.  Donald Trump’s ideas of immigration could actually cause the US to stop replacing its workforce.
In Europe, rich western countries find that immigrant, especially Muslim, populations have much higher birthrates than natives, and this could leave to serious security and political problems.

Forbes had published an article in 2012, "What's behind Europe's decline? It's the birth rates, stupid" in 2012, here.  In in February 2015, the Telegraph ran an article "How Europe is slowly dying despite an increasing world population", link

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