Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cuba has a real embassy again, and adds to Washington's own Epcot-like world showcase

I did a little trek today in Adams-Morgan in the Washington humidity, to find the Embassy of Cuba, on the 16th St, again a “real embassy”. 

It’s a little bit significant. I was a patient at NIH in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, allowed out of the “hospital” to go to GWU at night, and had seen Kennedy speak on little black and white TV’s around the campus.  I was probably the only “patient” who understood the significance of what was going on.

Some years back, Andy Garcia would film “The Lost City” about the last days of Havana under “capitalism”.

Cuba would become a somewhat Maoist society where everybody was the same because they all had to wait in long lines.

Around the area is a world showcase, suitable to add to Epcot.

There is an adjunct for Spain, and embassy of Poland to the north, and Lithuania, which says it elebrates 90 years of freedom, to the South.  What about its years as a Soviet republic?  Putin could test this freedom.

Down the street is an embassy for Angola. 

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