Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chatanooga perpetrator had apparently written religious blog posts, obscure in meaning

The information about the incident in Chatanooga, TN is developing, but there is a story that Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez had written at least two blog posts on July 13 (Monday). 
The Daily Beast attempts to explain the posts but doesn’t link to them, as they may have been taken down by the ISP.  The explanation is here. It does seem to follow an authoritarian idea of what one should believe about this life and the afterlife.  The visitor will have to ponder what is said here for himself or herself.
In recent years, my own feeling has developed that modern quantum physics and cosmology gives a nuanced idea of the afterlife that could work in any major religion (as “moderately” interpreted) and that is possibly very liberating.  (I’m more optimistic about the afterlife than Stephen Hawking, or little Ronnie Reagan, for example.)  The Monroe Institute’s ideas are certainly interesting.  I’ve always viewed with doubt the idea that I am supposed to believe something simply because someone in religious or political authority preaches it. 
CNN’s developing story is here. The suspect seems to have been likable, and an engineering graduate, but now unemployed (later, it was reported he was working for a cable and wireless manufacturing company).  A friend has told CNN (and will presumably tell investigators) that he had traveled to the Middle East for some time.  That could suggest that radical beliefs could have come from direct contact and not just the Internet. 
CNN has been quoting the blog as saying "The world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the non-believer".  Not very rational.
Interesting that Tsarnaevs were also into martial arts, boxing, wrestling.
Ramadan in 2015 runs from June 17, 2015 until sundown July 17, 2015 (tomorrow). 
Picture: From Lookout Mountain, Chatanooga, my own visit, June 2004.

Update: July 23

NBC has the latest news on the wrinkle of Abdulazeez's motives, which seem like a bowl of contradictions, link here

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