Saturday, June 13, 2015

CIA declassifies report on whether Bush administration could have prevented 9/11

CNN has brought back the memory of that morning, Sept. 11, 2001, with a video, followed by a report that the CIA has declassified a report regarding the shortcomings of intelligence before 9/11, link here.
The direct link to the report, heavily redacted with black blots, here
I still remember that morning, turning off my computer to walk to work on the Minneapolis Skyway just before the first plane hurt, and hearing about it from a coworker in cubicle at 8:25 AM CDT. 
We still had a company picnic on the St. Croix that day.  But my job would last 92 more days.  I think it would have lasted much longer if this had not happened.  Bush simply missed this.   
Max Fisher of Vox Media weighs in on the report, and the idea that rogue elements close to the Saudi government could have been involved, link here.  On Sunday, June 13, Fareed Zakaria noted how even today most Saudi men don't seem to work, and most private industry jobs in Saudi Arabia are held by foreigners, sometimes living in enclaves but subject to religious police. 

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