Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Wild tales" from world news tonight, with ABC (rather than CNN) the scariest

Today was a wild day in “national security” politics.  An appeals court slaps the NSA on the hand over the metadata smartphone collection program.  Talk continues of a DOJ deal with Edward Snowden. But in the wake of the police-foiled Texas attack (on what appeared to be an anti-Muslim hate group) the FBI says that “thousands” may be following on social media.  ABCNews covers that particular story much more than any other network (even CNN) and generates wild debate in the comments on Facebook.
The "Arab spring", so aided by social media a few years ago, seems to have turned on itself. 
At the same time, Russia sends out vibes again that it might want to take all of Uraine, or at least Kiev, to protect its own “ethnic Russian”.  North Korea talks about lobbing nukes again.
We ask why even a few hundred American young people could want to join ISIS and free their “brothers and sisters” overseas. In an individualistic society, we forget that a lot of people need to “belong”.  Young people, sometimes of less opportunity, less academic education, or sometimes just with more group-oriented personalities, simply feel left out by a lot of adults (sometimes including their own parents) who should be serving as role models, who simply have become indifferent, lost in their own worlds.  So they drift to the nearest, or slickest salesman. 

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