Friday, April 3, 2015

Religious people have more children and tend to support "collectivist" political and moral systems

The Pew Research Center, with a report “The Future of World Religions”, reports that Islam will be the fast growing religion in the World in coming decades, according to an NBC News story here.   Pew’s own link reports also that people with “no religion” will drop as a share of the world’s population, here

The increase in Muslim population comports with the fact that Muslims tend to have more children, and are more likely to send money home when they emigrate.  There is a big cultural gap, with people in richer countries and cultures wanting individualism, and the right to set their own goals, compared to people in poorer cultures, who remain emotionally loyal to the long-term goals of the group.
The combativeness of some parts of the Islamic world in imposing its beliefs on others goes beyond ISIS and is demonstrated by the horrific raid by Al-Shabaab at Garissa University n Kenya, as reported by Josh Levs and Holly Yan, with video, here.  Local churches have sent volunteers to Kenya before! Then two women were arrested in NYC for an Al-Qaida-conceived plot involving devices inspired by the Boston Marathon incident, possibly involving propane tanks; the women had communicated their plot to undercover officers, WABC story here
Picture:  Draftees being inducted during the Vietnam War (Smithsonian).  But I was inducted Feb. 8, 1968 at an AFEES in Richmond, VA.     

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