Thursday, March 12, 2015

Putin's aggression now said to make NORAD nervous

Barbara Starr, of CNN, reports that US and Canadian military defenses of the homeland against missile attacks by NORAD may be questioned in light of Vladimir Putin’s latest aggression. These comments came from Adm William Gortney before the Senate Armed Services Committee, link here.  Russia has a new missile which we apparently don't know how to intercept, and tests have been closer than every before.  Is Russia arming up for a new Cold War?  The anti-gay propaganda law almost fits in as a warning strike. 
The comments are disturbing because NORAD would also have to be able to defend against a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse blast (as depicted in the novel “One Second After”). 
Former Baltic Soviet Republics, especially Lithuania, are nervous now.  The NBC series “Scorpion” suggests that Putin will move in Belarus, and a hack that I received in 2002 suggests that Finland could be at risk some day again.  

Update: March 16

CNN reports that Putin admitted he was thinking about arming his nuclear warheads before invading Ukraine.  And someone I know with some contact to the White House suggests that Putin is going out of his mind.

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