Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lithuania institutes male-only conscription as a hedge against possible Putin aggression

Lithuania, which was formerly a Soviet republic, is restoring military conscription for men.  Fareed Zakaria mentioned this on his GPS show on CNN today.  It was not clear the exact ages or service terms.  Zakaria reported that about 70 countries in the world have a draft, including, of course, Israel. Switzerland requires able-bodied civilian men to be weapons trained at home.  In some countries, the draft was a reason for lifting older bans on gays in the military. Business Insider reports the story here
Lithuania is also reported to have issued a “survival manual” for civilians in case of a Russian invasion started by Vladimir Putin’s antics. As we know from our own Vietnam era draft, governments consider conscription as a tool to stay away from the brink. 

Lithuania is a member of the European Union, but fears NATO could not act fast enough, at least in the beginning of an assault. 
In other stories, there are reports of arrests in relation to the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, and one suspect committed suicide, link here
Wikipedia attribution link for map of Lithuania, showing historical changes, here. (pd, author Knutux).

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