Saturday, March 7, 2015

Interesting international travel show in DC

I took a gander at the Travel and Adventure Show at the Convention Center in Washington DC today (link). 
There were some audience shows, and I watched a very interesting slide show about travel in Australia.  The presenter emphasized that, because of the size of the continent, a two-week trip could probably only adequately cover one section of the country.  The presentation emphasized the southern coast (like "The Twelve Apostles"), including Tasmania, and then focused some attention to Queensland, the Barrier Reef, and finally the northern jungle and then the center, where Ayers Rock is located.
Next door I overheard another presenter put in a plug for Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Republic a hevily Islamic population.
The admission was $16 cash for adults, and the show continues Sunday.

There was a fair amount of new material compared to last year. 

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