Saturday, February 14, 2015

Twitter faces smackdown in authoritarian countries

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a summary article by Eva Galperin and Jillian York about censorship directed at Twitter, which has been more willing to honor takedown requests in countries in which it has offices, here. Russia, like China, continues to increase censorship, with its own “anti SOPA” law, and various other rules regarding protests or incitement, and requiring registration of sites with more than 3000 readers.
Authoritarian societies believe people should get their news from “authorized” sources.  They believe ordinary people should be just that, ordinary, and primarily concerned with procreation.  Disciplining every individual is their answer to inequality (except for the political or religious top, which makes up a claim of legitimacy).  Their sexual rules seem to aimed at keeping women available to men, and keeping men interested in being married.  

Update (Sat AM):

ABC reports attack on speech forum in Copenhagen, apparently on police.  Check major media for details.   Later CNN reported a second shooting downtown.  This is a rapidly developing story. 

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