Sunday, February 8, 2015

ISIL is conscripting fighters from families it captures in Mosul, Iraq, and honoring the "sole heir" rule

ISIS, while it controls Mosul, Iraq (and being challenged militarily, of course), is reported on NBC News, in a story by Alexander Smith, to be demanding that every family with more than one male child offer its young men as ISIS fighters.  That is, it is conscripting soldiers from the families it displaces and forces to convert to Islam.
It’s interesting that a family with only one son is spared.  The “right” of a family to survive through a male heir is seen as more important than individual rights.  But western countries had ideas like that in past world wars.
The NBC video in the article (link) gives a history of ISIL back to 2006, and explains the “Anbar Awakening”.
When I worked for the Minnesota Orchestra from 2002-2003, a coworker had friends or relatives in Mosul.


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