Thursday, January 29, 2015

China's censorship on its own citizens strenghtens

China is clamping down even more on its own people using Western Internet sources, according to this Washington Post story by Simon Denyer, here.  His story title asks "Is this North Korea?" Andrew Jacobs has a similar story in the New York Times, emphasizing a crackdown on VPN's, which have largely been allowed   Gmail and many other western products are even less available. This would be a real problem for western (especially for work) travelers who need to stay wired to home.

China insists it must be able to read all encrypted traffic, to protect its own industrial base.  Yup, it's partly economic protectionism.
And China seems to be getting away with it and benefiting, as statist companies make more money, and political dissidents are silenced.  However, in my own situation, I often see page requests from China, even though I am supposed to be blocked.  (I likewise see requests from Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia.)

But apparently the work-arounds are getting harder.  I don't know how well TOR works now there.  

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