Sunday, January 25, 2015

A lot of westerners still find Moscow a "hip city"; CBS reports on an "individualist" Chinese tennis star

I may have missed a preview of scenes from Moscow, near the Bolshoi, at a Fandango event today (controversial performance of “Swan Lake”, on the drama Blog), so I looked up a YouTube video, from “Move One Relo”, made in 2010.  
A businessman who moved in 1993 when in his 30s says it was scary so shortly after the fall of communism, but now it is a “hip city”.  Later his wife appears with him.
But a few years ago, Russia had not yet tanked, Putin hadn’t started his aggression against the Ukraine and Crimea, and particularly the government had not passed the anti-gay propaganda law.  People who “conform” (straight people with conventional family life) may not sense how difficult it is for those who don’t conform to the social demands of others to live there.
The video describes the inner beltway as the “garden ring”.  People with large families tend to live in garden suburban complexes outside the ring.

You wonder about Edward Snowden, whom most of us see as a "friend", being so comfortable in Russia. 
Wikipedia attribution link for map of Moscow 
Tonight, CBS 60 Minutes covered Chinese female tennis champ Li Na, who was criticized for claiming her victory in the French Open for herself as an individual, rather than for the “collective” in the Chinese communist state, which had put her through.  The broadcast showed her hometown apartment in a highrise complex in interior China.  The link is here

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