Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick notes on Australian attack, South Sudan, and Israel's PM race in 2015

On a day when authorities in Australia ended a rogue hostage (with at least two deaths) taking in a business in Sydney by a person who appears to have been disaffected, criminal, and probably mentally ill (that is, a pattern common with school shootings in the US), one reaction is the strict gun control in that country just didn’t work this time.  We can leave it aside for now, and come back later;  there are a couple of other items.  (Vox saved a copy of the website of Man Haron Monis, here).   Authorities are calling him “self-starters” but “inspired” rather than “lone wolf”. 
At Trinity Presbyterian in Arlington Sunday, there was missionary mention of South Sudan, where soldiers are apparently raiding private homes to enforce Islam. 

On Sunday, Fareed Zakaria interviewed Israel’s right-wing candidate Naftali Bennett, to the right of Netanyahu.  Bennett absolutely opposes a Palestinian state, saying that Muslims have 23 states, and that the Jewish people need to have one.  He points to Gaza as a reason not to allow statehood to the West Bank.  But he says that while Jews may have a preferred status in Israel, everyone has the same rights (sounds like a contradiction).  Of course, he did not address the issue that land was taken by Palestinians by force in the West Bank (for settlements), and that the Wall produces brutal separations among normal Palestinian residents.  

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