Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In my own writing, I've never believed that the CIA practices "extreme rendition"; maybe I was wrong

There’s no reason to dwell on the details of the report on the CIA’s overzealous “extreme renditions” after 9/11, that even “W.” (George W. Bush) didn’t know about.  Eric Bradner’s account on CNN is here.  There is stuff about ice baths, enemas, and so on.  One prisoner lost an eye. Vox Media has redacted copies of portions of the report by Dylan Matthews, link here.This file has a link to an embedded Scribd PDF of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report.
It seems like New Line’s film “Extreme Rendition” with Jake Gyllenhaal (before he was epilated for "Nightcrawler") and Jodie Foster is prescient.  Remember the line about “my first torture”.  Then there is “Zero Dark Thirty”, too.  Did extreme rendition help find Bin Laden?  Probably not. 

Some reports indicate that those involved in the "renditions" are wary of traveling in some western European countries, especially Spain, out of fear of being arrested for "war crimes."
My own novel manuscript (“Angel’s Brother”) presents an almost benign picture of the intelligence services, including the CIA.  There is an “epidemic” and what is needed is detective work, to find out if it comes from aliens, or from a country like Russia, or some non-state actor.  But it’s quiet.  Few chase scenes.  Lots of going back and forth, and ironic re-encounters among the characters.  

The second picture is not so far from where novelist Tom Clancy lived. 

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