Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There's no way to settle wars over religion

It’s pretty obvious what can be read into the brazen arrack at a synagogue in Jerusalem early Tuesday, as CNN gives the detailed story here.   Later, Tuesday, both Alan Dershowitz and later Piers Morgan made the point that there is absolutely no way you can negotiate the end of a violent conflict based strictly on religious tenants.

Normally, countries can settle conventional disputes as to who controls what land (although the recent debacle with Crimea and Ukraine doesn’t really support that, either). 
But some people are born into a world where the only object of their existence is to support a tribe (by raising families that perpetuate it) that claims to be the only people who obey the will of God or Allah, or who were somehow chosen as special by God.  There is no way to argue that.  
I was indeed shocked right after 9/11 over the idea of “war over religion”.  I thought we had gotten over that.  I still remember that day, on a corporate retreat on the St. Croix river (which we didn’t cancel) wondering what had really happened.  

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