Thursday, November 13, 2014

Disturbing behavior in South Korea, Turkey

Well, a major democratic country will dismantle its own coast guard (or put it under a civilian law enforcement agency) after it failed to save passengers in a catastrophic sinking of a ferry in April.  The country is South Korea, even more pressured by its neighbor to the north, and the news story in Today Online is here. I don’t recall that the Italian Navy or coast guard came under this scrutiny after the Costa Concordia.

The attack on US sailors in Istanbul by a left wing youth group tends to emphasize that secular “communists” still tend to make their recriminations even more personal than does almost any other enemy (even radical Islam).   The CNN account of this incident, with rocks and “bagheads” is rather shocking, here  The far Left is capable of its own kind of indignation.  
Pictures:  Skyland, Shenandoah National Park, VA.   I believe my parents stayed in the cabin in the bottom picture on their honeymoon in May 1940.

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