Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We went in

OK, “we went in”.  The US has a coalition of five Arabian peninsula countries, but no other western countries (not even Britain): Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Jordan, CNN story here,
 The Pentagon confirmed various surgical strikes of ISIL command centers with little damage to surrounding areas.
Obama also discussed the attacks on the Khorasan Group in Syria, which was believed to be in advanced stages of planning attacks on airliners inbound to the US or other western countries.  The attacks would have included small amounts of explosives hidden in hard-to-detect places, including electronics.  The resulting explosions would have been small but could have decompressed and brought down airliners.  NBC News has the story here.  The day Jan. 17, 1991 comes to mind.  As I checked into Bally's Holiday for a workout after work, I learned we had just "gone in".

AOL-Huffington has a more detailed story on Khorasan here.

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