Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Obama's speech on ISIS has some ironies

President Obama warned tonight that no place in the world (including Syria) is a haven from any party that threatens the United States or Americans.  But he also said that ISIS (or ISIL) “could pose a growing threat beyond that region (Syria and Iraq) including the United States”.  Obviously that includes western Europe (especially Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium).  Belgium has already had an attack on a Jewish facility, and the Netherlands had an attack on a filmmaker about ten years ago. 
But Zack Beauchamp of Vox Media points out that radical Islamic groups in Yemen (Al Qaeda and others) have been a more immediate threat, yet Obama talks little about this threat (article here ). David Gergen is saying we have to say this is bigger than ISIS to get other partners in the Arab world. Actually, Obama mentioned Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, and North Africa, and called ISIL as "one of the groups" and "not Islamic" with most of its victims Muslim. The White House URL link is here.

The president did not "complain" about the abuse of asymmetric social media by members of ISIL in a manner that he could have.  Social media can be used for good and bad purposes, and this is true of most technology.
Yesterday, CNN reported some "trash talk" of threats on Twitter by ISIS accounts against domestic employees of the company, not credible, but the idea is certainly disturbing if you think about where that could lead.   

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