Friday, July 18, 2014

The stuff from Gaza, and the targeting of teens, is just horrific; Washington Blade covers it (as well as Washington Times)

First, let’s start out with a commentary in the Washington Times on Wednesday, July 16, “Separating cause and effect in the Middle East: The conflict didn’t follow Israeli occupation, but preceded it”, by Clifford May, link here. May disagrees that Israeli presence and expropriation causes the conflict in Gaza.  He says that Palestinians missed a chance to use peace to build a beachfront real estate boom.  I don’t know whether such an argument could apply in the West Bank, where we’ve covered a lot of work by George Meek (at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA) and others on Israeli expropriation of Palestinian property for settlements.
The Washington Times has a particularly grisly report by Jennifer Pompu about the Palestinian teen who was burned alive, July 17, here.  So I was rather shocked to see a story this morning in the Washington Blade, by Lou Chibbaro, Jr., “Jerusalem LGBT Center Falsely Linked to Killing of Palestinian”, link here.   The reader can go to the Blade for details, but it is disturbing enough that even the insinuation was made.   

Wikipedia attribution link for aerial of Gaza in May 2005 

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