Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Violence in Central America could complicate immigration debate and mainstream church missions

On CNN's news analysis program hosted by Don Lemon, an analyst explained that women with children who come to the United States illegally (somehow slipping across the border, or sent by various schemes) from countries not sharing a contiguous border with the US, cannot be sent back or deported easily.

The speaker said that there is terrible violence in some Central American countries, especially El Salvador.

This story caught my ear, because mainstream church groups that I have contact with have sent young people on missions (or in one case, engineering projects) in some countries, including Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.  I'm a little perturbed to hear stories about "violence" in Central America, given some personal familiarity with people who work on mission programs there and even have high school and college students visit these countries.

Update: June 11

The problem was presented on AC360 tonight.  AZCentral has an analysis of the problem here.  Will there be a recruiting drive for adoptive parents some day?  This is a rapidly developing story.  See movie review for "Documented" on May 30, Movies blog.

Update: June 12

Reports say that over 33,000 children have streamed across open spaces along the border in the past month. How they could have come all the way from Central America is a mystery.  Border agents were never prepared to need parenting skills, except by their own lives. 

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