Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Malaysian Flight 370 case has troubling anti-gay angle; some say the flight "went up"; hard to believe there is no debris, no signal

I won’t try to keep up with all the changing stories regarding the disappearance of Malaysian Air Flight 370, but the political activity of one of the pilots has taken a troubling turn.  USA Today has a typical account, here
Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, himself a strong “family man”, had fought for a pro-democracy political opponent of the government and had supported Anwar Ibrahim when the latter was convicted on homosexual sodomy charges, which are said to have been contrived and false. The pilot was in court when Anwar received the five year sentence.
So here is another country where anti-gay politics seems to be spilling over and having serious repercussions on other areas.  In Russia, the anti-gay propaganda law led to a big distraction before the Sochi Olympics and before Russia moved to “annex” Crimea.
The Malaysian case reminds me of a 1970 novel “The President’s Plane is Missing” by Fletcher Knebel.  It eventually became a TV miniseries.
There was actually a crowdsouring effort by Internet volunteers to look for fragments of the plane, story here.

If the plane had gone down in the ocean, would there be some floating debris we would see?  It really seems incredible it could disappear.  Maybe it just went up. 

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