Thursday, December 5, 2013

In some interior areas in China, the government does not allow home or personal Internet access at all

Christopher Beam has an intriguing article in the Dec. 9, 2013 "The New Republic" on p. 5, "Behind China's Cyber Curtian: Visiting the country's far reaches, where the government has shut off the Internet".  The online version doesn't seem to be up yet (except in an illegal copy site), and will have a paywall.  I usually pick up TNR in hardcopy when in a Barnes and Noble.
The writer describes a journey by bus in Sichuan Province in China, far inland, where people apparently cannot get Internet at all for home use, either wirelessly on cell phones or from cable.  These regions tend to be near Tibet, where the government fears more unrest.  Even so, real estate and corporate development goes on, without any expectation that citizens need to be able to go online.  It's like the 80s here.  
This would be a bigger problem when corporations transfer people to work here, especially from western countries.  

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