Sunday, December 8, 2013

A quick visit to the United States Institute of Peace

There is a new facility on Constitution Avenue in Washington DC near the Lincoln Memorial and Federal Reserve, the United States Institute of Peace. 
The website is here and the facility seems to be open to the public for events.  There is a schedule of events there (a “Peace Game”, and symposia on Afghanistan and then the Congo – which Anthony Bourdain recently reported), but it isn’t clear if these are open or how one would attend.
The building is impressive and appears to have a lot of book libraries inside, as viewed from the street.

I found an odd “smiley” cardboard picket on the street outside the Institute late Saturday.  I don’t know what it meant.

The organization should not be confused with The Washington Peace Center near Thomas Circle, link here, a group to revisit later. I've personally seen the Carter Center in Atlanta once, in 1994. 

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