Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Population debate from right wing in the west leads to calls for "the right babies", fearing Islamic fertility

All the major media have been writing that China should ditch its one-child policy completely now. They admit (for example, Time) that the policy did help the “nation” raise its standard of living, but it isn’t sustainable, for decades.   Now China, like so many other countries, will become an elderly country.

There is an article in “Reality Check” by Eleanor J. Bader, Jan. 29, 2013, called “Stoking Fire: Islamophobia trumps ‘pro-life’ ideology”, link here. She discusses claims by Annilka Rydh, Joseph D’Agostino and Stephen Moser (“Population Research Institute”) and Daniel Pipes (“Mideast Forum”), who all basically claim (as Pipes writes) that western adults have become “too self-absorbed to have children”, leading to a gradual takeover of the west by Muslims who have many more children and young adults.  Even gay author Bruce Bawer has admitted this in a book “While Europe Slept” as did Phillip Longman in “The Empty Cradle” (2004).
Technology and the information age have tweaked how we see ourselves in relation to others, leading us often to be “alone together”, much focused on what we can accomplish by ourselves first.   

Natalie Angier has a couple of bug articles about families and demographics in the US in the New York Tiimes Tuesday Nov 26, link here. A sidebar article on p. D3, "Wanting marriage and pursuit of happiness" notes that single men used to be driven out of town in the 19th century unless they boarded with respectable families, and were regarded with suspicion as late as the 50s (really alter).  Marital fatherhood was viewed as a moral requirement as much as fidelity. 

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