Monday, October 7, 2013

Raids in Libya, Somalia underly the folly of the shutdowns

CNN has an interesting analysis of the two raids that occurred over the weekend, one in Libya and the other in Somalia, link here.  

The first raid, a snatch and grab of one of the most wanted, is said to have gotten a treasure trove of information, which might indeed call for “extreme rendition”.  It also gives an idea for what some CIA field work might be like .  It’s also noteworthy that so many suspected have been indicted in secret by grand juries while overseas.  Ordinary citizens can be called into jury duty to examine these cases. 
The story is also important in that it underlies the foolishness of the partisan shutdown It’s praiseworthy that Seals could accomplish these missions, but in the homeland, Congress is definitely stretching our personal luck. 

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