Saturday, October 19, 2013

Journalist in Morocco arrested for "indirect" hyperlink (with degrees of separation) to supposed terror site

Electronic Frontier Foundation is reporting on the arrest  in Morocco of Ali Anouzla, editor of an Arabic online journal Lakome, for allowing a link to a news story that in turn linked to a YouTube video posted by a terrorist group.
It sounds incredible that someone could be arrested merely for a link, or even for a topological connection through links to an illegal site.  As EFF analyst Jillian York wrote, “a link is just a link, except when it isn’t”, in the article here. The article compares this to the Barrett Brown case in the United States, discussed on my main blog Sept. 9. 2013. 

The Lakome site, linked by EFF, does not make a lot of sense when translated into English by Google translate, at least to me. 

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