Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Japan's low birth rate attracts attention about what makes people tick; ZPG is still active

Japan’s low birthrate is continuing to attract attention, and it seems to bore deep into levels of desire and personal motivation, according to a Guardian piece, by Abigail Haworth, “Why young people in Japan have stopped having sex”, link here.
The right wing will make this into the ultimate horror, that people have become so self-absorbed that the self-giving love of marriage and commitment no longer interests them.  There’s a lot in this article about what makes people tick when there are cycles of prosperity and hardship.
Yet, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, as tweeted by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, reports otherwise, here
Today, I received a mailer from ZPG, Zero Population Growth. In lower income parts of the world, population increases.
So governments in Europe notice that the native white population has fewer kids, resulting in depending on more immigrants, especially from Muslim countries, leading to eventual political instability.  Immigrants send money to family back home.  Russia takes it so far as to go after speech letting people know that homosexuality exists.
The right wing (proponents of the “natural family”) even makes these arguments for the US.
China finds its one-child policy is leading to unsocialized adults and an aging population.
In another recent story, Hardin, in northeast China, is reported to have the worst smog ever.  Hardin, a city I had never heard of, has a population almost that of NYC.

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