Thursday, October 10, 2013

Effectiveness of Al Shabab recruitment in Kenya raises western security concerns

The New York Times, in a story by Nicholas Kulish and Josh Kron, reports that, after Somalis, Kenya “sends” more angry young men to Al Shabab than any other country, and they often return back home, a radical jihadists, capable of organizing attacks against upper middle class soft targets. The story headline (on the front page) suggests a threat to threat to the West, and some young men have been recruited from Somali communities in the US.  But the article does not suggest that there is significant organization outside Africa.  The link is here. No question, the implications of the Kenya attack underscore the folly of Congress's partisan bickering and shutdown.  
The group uses “unsent” emails with shared passwords to avoid detection, which would normally be a risk of cell phone use.

I recall that the ABC series “Flash Forward” two years ago speculated about a secret particle physics facility in Somalia.  It seems oddly prescient, and it’s too bad the series didn’t continue.  

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