Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama's speech on Syria seems narrower than had been expected a few days ago, a bit underwhelming

Our ideals and principles are at stake, the president said, in his address on Syria tonight. 
Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper discussed the speech on CNN after the 15 minute address was complete.
The president said that any action by the US military would be significant, denying the idea of a “pinprick strike”.  He said that any strike would be targeted to reach a clear objective.

Obama often refers to the US as the "oldest constitutional democracy".  Recently he has started to use a favorite term of the right, "asymmetry". 
In the past twenty four hours, the White House and State Department have said that they can wait to see if Syria will surrender any WMD’s “voluntarily” under some sort of international, including Russian, supervision.
Russia is said now to have something to gain from peacefully removing chemical weapons from Syria, because Assad would stay in power. 
The speech seemed a bit anti-climactic.
New Gingrich, Gloria Borger and Stephanie Cutter joined in the discussion  Gingrich called the speech a “mistake”. But one liberal commentator said that the possibility of chemical weapons being used against American troops some day was a grim possibility.
The White House link for the speech is here and the text and video will appear shortly. 

Or go directly to YouTube.

What happens when Congress gets back to the debt ceiling and the budget?

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