Thursday, September 12, 2013

Menendez has queasy stomach over Putin's op-ed; and, by the way, Putin "really doesn't have any"

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) says he almost vomited at dinner, apparently public, when he read Putin’s op-ed, which apparently he took to the dinner table or opened on his smart phone.  No wonder Oprah thinks meal time should be tech-free.  The Huffington Post wrote this account
The New York Times copy of the editorial is here. You need to negotiate the paywall to read this.  Ezra Klein from the Washington Post had tweeted Wednesday that the Post had rejected his op-ed for Wonkblog because of his poor “algebra” or depiction of the “Y axis”.
In fact, his policy recommendations are logically inconsistent or “don’t follow”.  He blames the Syrian rebels for the chemical attack, but is willing to put pressure on Assad anyway, Post Wonkblog story by Klein and Evan Soltas, here 
Putin has been railed today for his “criticism” of Obama’s claims of American exceptionalism. Anderson Cooper has asked how he can say that all of us are created equal and then support the recent atni-gay law. Is his answer to bolster Russian birth rates by (again not very “logically”) prohibiting pro-gay speech? On that, I’ve wonder about the pictures of Putin on horseback showing bare breasts. Is his chest hairless because he shaves and waxes? Or is it, as the gay community claims here, because he really doesn’t “have any”? He can't help it.  
As for Menendez, he may take comfort in former President George H. W. Bush’s state dinner in Japan in early January 1992, where his suits needed to be cleaned, according to Fitzwater.   That was the beginning of Bush’s decline and Clinton’s eventual victory, and the long road of DADT and repeal.     

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