Monday, September 16, 2013

Chinese force "detained" blogger to make video confession for rumor-mongering

A well-known blogger, Charles Xue, detained by Chinese authorities, has been coerced into giving a video confession, according to a Washington Post story Monday September 16, 2013 by William Wan, link here, p. A7, 
Chinese law now punishes “spreading rumors” on the Internet. Chinese attitudes on the Internet seem to parallel those of Putin’s Russia, but for all issues.  This is the legacy of communism.  Why do Chinese authorities believe their power is so fragile that one micro-blogger could really threaten it?

Authoritarian governments love to make "examples" of people who don't play for the team. 
But the blogger had originally been arrested for soliciting prostitution, probably a set-up. 

I would like to visit China some day.  But as with Russia, I wonder if my own online presence would make it dangerous for me to do so.  I haven’t heard, though, of westerners being arrested in China or Russia for their publicly available web content.  Will this happen?

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