Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama's "going in" on Syria alone would be unwise, they say

Media are reporting that President Obama should not “go it alone” on ordering air strikes against chemical weapons sites in Syria without the consent of Congress, although he could do so legally.  Apparently, the vote by the British Parliament not to intervene militarily yet has thrown some sand in the eyes of administration plans to “go in”.
CNN has some analysis by Tom Cohen here.
The Syria situation is being reported as dangerous to homeland security, and likely to lead to more plots here, although that had been said about Saddam Hussein before and that wasn’t really true.  But Syria has already shown a willingness to launch cyber attacks.  Syria can also exacerbate tensions with not only Iran but Russia, which has thrown a bizarre stink to the U.S. with its anti-gay law and potential refusal to allow adoption of Russian children. 
CNBC has an analysis of the likely economic impacts of the Syrian crisis here.

Update:  Aug. 30

The Carter Center issued a statement that a strike by the US without international approval would violate international law, link.  

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