Sunday, August 4, 2013

Embassy closings: Al Qaeda chatter most alarming since 2001

Intelligence chatter is the most specific and provocative since any time after 9/11,  and there are eerie parallels to the bizarre summer of 2001, some observers say, as in a Huffington Post story Sunday here
The chatter, although much of it seems related to one specific intercepted message, resulted in the indefinite closures of US embassies in at least twenty-one countries in Muslim portions of the world. And some of the most specific chatter comes from Yemen.

CNN says (story) it has agreed with the administration not to publish the most sensitive details it has learned.

However, ABC stations report that the chatter or intercepted messages express unusual "confidence" that an attack will occur, and there are some amazing references to surgical implants inside possible suicide bombers or moles.  

The crisis may seem politically motivated to calm the resentment of NSA surveillance given the attention to Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, and Snowden.  The specific intelligence seems foreign and completely unrelated to the ordinary communications among Americans.

It might presage the sort of attacks that occurred at embassies in Africa in 1998, or perhaps around the Mediterranean (the Cole), or an attack like that in Libya.  That could be the most likely.
At very worst, however, it could suggest the possibility of a major WMD incident in a western country, maybe even Britain or the US. (That wouldn't involve "surgery" however.)
This intelligence does suggest some sort of organized planning overseas, not a “home made” essentially lone wolf attack with instructions on the Internet by self-radicalized individuals such as in Boston. 

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