Sunday, July 21, 2013

Norwegian woman "blamed" for her own rape and sentenced to prison in Dubai

A Norwegian woman, Marte Dborah Dalelv, has been sentenced to sixteen months in prison in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, after she reported a rape.  The authorities accused her of lying and of having sex out of wedlock.

Western observers believe she fell victim to an Islamic justice system which is very unfavorable to women and presumes that the man is right,  Dubai generally doesn't enforce Islamic laws much on tourists.

CNN has the detailed story by Nicola Goulding and Phil O'Sullivan, here.

I've often wondered what the issues would be for LGBT people hired as contractors to work in countries with anti-gay laws, particularly Islamic or underdeveloped countries.  This could particularly become an issue for new college graduates. 

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Alex said...

this will be a long and arduous fight... I hope those people in the front lines won't get tired of it.