Sunday, July 28, 2013

Even in South Africa, with legal reforms and gay marriage, "corrective rape" occurs in lower income culture

The New York Times Sunday has a horrifying story about “corrective rape” practiced by street culture and some families in South Africa (especially against lesbians), despite the fact that South Africa officially recognizes same-sex marriage. The online story is longer than the print story, by Clare Carter, appearing on p. 6 of Sunday Review under “exposure”.

No question, the practice will be common in other countries like Uganda, where families tend to view progeny as a fundamental right that depends on the enthusiasm of their children – and where families don’t have much else.  The online story is here

This sort of problem could be serious for churches or faith-based infrastructure projects that send pople over to work in missions or even engineers to work on infrastructure, especially clean water, and hire LGBT graduates. 

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