Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egyptian coup seems to be based on real life concerns

This is not a good time to go see the Pyramids or the Valley of the Kings, even if you're not a controversial blogger or activist.

Morsi is out, and apparently the coup, led by the military, really is based on economic and infrastructure issues.  The military is also concerned that radical mullahs will keep unrest stirred up.

It's hard to imagine a principled response to this.  The tragedy of the young American student seems even greater.

CNN's account of the coup is here.
In the meantime, on the "other" issue. Snowden seems to become a "Le Carre" man without a country.  He can't stay in Russia forever.  Everyone says no, but maybe Bolivia was going to take him, and let him camp out ta Tiahuanoco and wait for the Chariots of the Gods.

If you live in northern Virginia and vote, expect the possibility of a federal jury summons for a Snowden trial some day.  I wonder if the attorneys would read the jurors' blogs and social media first.

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