Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowden probably turned over NSA data to China and Russia, who spy a lot more than does the NSA on private citizens

What to make of Edward Snowden's Sunday on the lam?

Well, the Hong Kong government really does what China says, so it looks like Snowden gave information to China so that Hong Kong wouldn't turn him over.  Putin of Russia is obviously willing to let him transit to Latin America, so he probably gave the data to Putin, too.

Next stop, Cuba.  Two former communist countries (now authoritarian statist "capitalist" countries), and a current relic of communism.  At least he'll skip Venezuela.

Interesting if he winds up in Ecuador, instead of just an embassy like Assange. But Ecuador could decide later it's to its political advantage to give both of them up.  Ecuador is also said to be quite leftist right now.

I think that Russia and China spy on its own citizens a lot more than our own NSA does.  That's one irony.  But of course now Russia and China could spy on ours. John Kerry has already made this point.

Unless this incident takes the path of "World War Z", I don't think that Snowden will give anything to Iran or North Korea.

But if real secrets to get to these rogue states through China or Russia, that could open new avenues for uncoventional terror attacks back here some day, included the dreaded EMP.

The fibbies fumbled the case further by not revoking Snowden's passport until Saturday, which made it easier for Snowden to leave Hong Kong.

Makes you wonder how serious "they" are about catching him.But Congress could pressure Ecuador or other countries on trade matters and try to compel an extradition later.

If he were apprehended, any trial would take place in the Eastern District of Virginia, in Alexandria.  If I was "lucky" enough to get jury duty for that, it could shut down my own online presence for a year, because of jury sequester for a politically controversial case.

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