Thursday, May 30, 2013

Naturalized American apparently framed as a "courier" simply by riding a bus in Mexico

I think most Americans who travel abroad are shocked at the arrest of Yania Moldando in Mexico, after authorities claimed to find marijuana under her bus seat on a “routine” security check about 100 miles south of the Arizona border. 
She is a naturalized US citizen married to husband Gary, and the couple reportedly practices the LDS or Mormon faith.
Many observers feel she was framed, in order to extort bribe money in a corrupt system.
Do ordinary American travelers need to look under bus, train or plane seats when in Mexico?  What about the resort areas like Cancun, which I would like to visit some time (to see the Maya ruins).
I have been deep into Mexico once, on Labor Day weekend of 1974, technically the same weekend that my lease in New York City started.  I went by bus to ruins350 miles from Mexico City (Teotihuacan) one day, and went to the archeology museum.  I recall the subway.  I also remember the ragtag appearance of much of the airport, and the slowness of getting out on Monday.
On Sunday, I recall that there was some sort of inauguration in the center of the city.  I was a bystander.
In 1979, the weekend I was moving to Texas from NYC, I actually flew to El Paso and rented a car, and during the weekend drove into Juarez.  I wouldn’t do that today.  A coworker went on a trip by himself about 100 miles into the country. 

It has been long recognized as risky to drive or rent a car in Mexico, but not travel by motorcoach. 
I can recall that Metropolitan Community Church has reported that the government has to approve the chartering of new churches in Mexico.
Time has a good article on the set-up p ossibility, here

Maybe a release will come soon.  Her family is being forced to sacrifice.
Wikipedia attribution link for Mexican government buildings 

Update: May 31

CNN reports that she was freed by a Mexican judge, who threw out the charges.  "I'm free", she said.  I've heard that line before!

Police had not looked a the security video before arresting her.   

Be very careful when traveling to "third world" or less democratic countries.  

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