Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mixed news from North Korea; Massachusetts local authorities will check for any unusual personal motives in Boston Marathon incident

The reporting on the Boston Marathon incident has calmed down a bit, as the Cleveland situation now occupies media attention.
A few other things need to be noted. , North Korea has moved its missiles away from its launch pad, suggestion that in its own mind, its psychology of pseudo-extortion has “worked” and it can back off.  But it has also sentenced an American tour guide caught on the border to hard labor.  Typical UK Guardian report is here
It strikes me that it will be very important that in Massachusetts for local (Boston, and Commonwealth) authorities to conduct exactly the investigation that states normally do for prosecution under state laws, including grand jury proceedings.  One possibility that hasn’t been mentioned much is that the borthers could have placed the pressure cooker devices near some individual(s) that they wanted to target (after recognizing them) for any number of imaginable reasons.  These could have other legal and social consequences should they develop as valid.   It would be necessary to make sure that there was no connection between any victim or nearby uninjured bystander and either of the brothers.  Normally, this is more a function of local law enforcement.  The most recent information suggests that Tamerlan was not well accepted in his visit to Russia and decided to act on his own when he returned to the US, and became lost in his mind on personal grievances that exploded into fantasy.  But why did his brother fall for him so easily? The younger brother may have actually been more "religious" at the end.  

Update: May 16

CNN has an unpleasant story that the younger brother left a note on the boat that the attacks were "collateral damage" casualties as part of payback", here.  Of course, most casualties in Muslim lands are inflicted by other Muslims, and western countries do not deliberately target and maim individual civilian citizens up close in military operations (those would be war crimes).  It's hard to see how any religious ideology could support that behavior.  

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