Saturday, May 4, 2013

Go to Europe for just $84 and no passport

I made a quick trip to Europe today, for $84.  That’s $14 to park and $70 for the one-day ticket to Busch Gardens near Williamsburg, VA.
The park is organized “villages” representing England, Scotland, Ireland, France, “New France” (that’s Quebec, for those who remember the French and Indian Wars from high school American history and James Fenimore Cooper’s novels), Italy (without Amanda Knox) and Germany (including a section called “Oktoberfest”. It's a miniature "Epcot" (my last time to Disney's park was 1983).  

There’s a replica of the Globe Theater, with a “Prates” 4D” show that is actually in imdb (with a date of 1999).  I recall in tenth grade English, in 1958, when we read Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”, we had to know the “eight parts of the theater”.  I remember the proscenium doors. 

There is a stream train (The “Prussian State Railroad” that circles the park clockwise, like a high-pressure system.  But it stops only in Scotland, Quebec, and Italy (with a Pompeii survival ride, and a a huge Roman theater).   
The roller coaster rides are numerous. The most futuristic is the Griffon (France), but the Loch Ness Monster (from about 1978) is better known.  There’s a “Da vinci’s Cradle” which honors the gay inventor from the Renaissance.
Right next to Ireland, there is a :”Jack Hanna’s Land”, including an aviary where parakeets actually jump on to people.  There’s also a spectacular serval, who is said to have been an illegal pet near Richmond.

There's also a "Rhine River" cruise which looks pretty real.  The amount of change of elevation (and hilliness) in the park is surprising given the Tidewater location.

You can also "fly" among England, France and Germany on a gondola. 

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