Thursday, April 18, 2013

TOR and Bitcoin (and the "Silk Road", perhaps unfortunately)

While there has been a lot of chatter recently about the volatile behavior of bitcoin (and the trend downward, with some spikes, against the US dollar), it’s important to note that TOR, the “onion” P2P network popular among Internet dissidents in totalitarian countries, is very much tied to it, as explained on this Wiki here.  
There has been some discussion about it recently on Twitter.

There’s also a lot of discussion on the web of the “Silk Road (Anonymous) Marketplace”,  a Tor hdden service requiring bitcoins.  It’s not illegal in itself, but most of what is traded on it is in most jurisdictions.
Here’s an 85-minute session “How Governments Have Tried to Block TOR” posted by CCCen, lead by Roger Dingeldine.   

He claims over 400,000 users. .   

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