Thursday, April 4, 2013

North Korea gets "hacked", maybe; it gets near the end of its rhetoric

There is real controversy over whether Anonymous really “hacked” North Korea’s Intranet (Post story here   and the cartoonish picture of a fat Kim Jong Un with artificial chest hair (above a Mickey Mouse face) seems “optimistic”.
Otherwise, there are plenty of reports of North Korea’s moving a medium range missile to its East Coast, apparently capable of reaching as far as Guam.  A missile test would not exactly constitute a “moment of explosion”.   
Media reports again are disturbingly vague and uncertain about North Korea’s capabilities, but it seems that the leadership believes that if it is feared (like a god) it will be respected.   ABC News has a story that the real “power behind the throne” is Un’s aunt and uncle, link here
The problem seems to be that Un (and his backside) will run out of rhetoric and have to do “something”, even if it seems suicidal by our standards.  All media outlets recognize that an invasion into the South would cause tens of thousands of civilian deaths, even if it leads to annihilation of the North Korean regime. 
CNN, on AC360, is suggesting that the US show of force may be provocative, and have the effect of “cornering a rat”. 
CNN suggests that the North would start with artillery fire from the north side of the mountains on the DMZ, along with special operations forces loaded on submarines, even with sleeper agents.  The US would move carrier battlegroups into the region, and attack North Korean air defense and command and control, very quickly. 

North Korea has the fifth largest military in the world.  

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