Monday, April 1, 2013

Knox prosecutor had gone after author over "Monster of Florence" case

When Anderson Cooper aired an update on the Amanda Know case this past weekend, he mentioned novelist Douglas Preston, who co-authored a book on a sequence on serial killings with satanic overtones in Italy, along with Mario Spezi. Preston had to leave the country immediately.  He was to be indicted for perjury at least. He cannot return to Europe. The Amazon link for "Monster of Florence" is (website url) here
Preston was called in by prosecutor Giuliano Mignini and interrogated, based on the similarity of his book to evidence that had been encountered.

Alice Gomstyn, John Meyersohn and Miguel Sancho wrote a story for ABC on the matter Sept. 30, 2011, here

It’s interesting that someone could be interrogated for the contents of a book that he wrote, when it seems predictive.  The same thing almost happened to me in 2005 regarding one of the short film screenplays I had posted online!

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