Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H7N9: "Bird flu" is back in China

China has actually told its “citizens” to avoid eating poultry as the death toll and case count from H7N9 “bird flu” rises, to 7 as of this writing (deaths) and 24 cases.

Authorities believe it is likely that in time the virus will show some capability to be transmitted to other people from infected people, but probably limited. So far transmission seems to happen only from aves to humans.

The concern is that if that happens, we’re one trans-Pacific flight away from a pandemic in the IS or Europe.
The virus is more virulent in mammals than in birds.
Bloomberg has a typical news story here   Tuesday morning.

Southeast Asian areas are said to be more susceptible to avian influenza because people in rural areas live very close to farm animals and poultry, a "private" practice that can endanger global public health.

As of Tuesday morning, one fatality had been reported in Vietnam, also.  
Will discussions of “social distancing” return? 

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